Facebook’s donor tools for advertising: Looking beyond the surface

Digital Planner Buyer Mohini takes a look at Facebook’s latest addition in their host of dedicated fundraising tools.


Marketing in a post pandemic world: Get ahead or fall further behind

Director of Digital Ben Foster shares top tips to ensure your marketing strategies don’t fall behind in the new post-pandemic world.


The future of attribution is data-driven

Digital Account Director Gabby Krite talks through the pros and cons of Google’s latest updates to it’s reporting and attribution.


The importance of culture in a growth minded business

Managing Director James Smith shares the importance of having a company culture and what we do at TKF to ensure a pleasurable and productive working environment via Startup Observer.


TKF and Mike-Alpha launch partnership to support military veteran owned businesses


Top tips to execute efficient marketing strategies

Director of Search Niki Grant shares three top tips to execute efficient marketing strategies, designed to reduce churn and increase efficiency.


Paralympics may be over, but our workplace challenges remain

Director of Search Niki Grant shares some of her daily challenges in the hope of spreading empathy and consideration via Mediatel.


Why is it so hard to convince your CEO to invest in brand building?

This week we take a look at long term brand building and why CEO’s often need convincing to invest.


Let’s honour the Paralympics by binning the word ‘disabled’

Director of Search Niki Grant shares why she thinks the word ‘disabled’ should be binned via Mediatel


How to ensure advertising is a positive influence on the next generation

This week Digital Account Director Gabby Krite takes a look at how advertising can be a positive influence on the next generation.


Beware the risks of staff absorbing digital media tasks

Director of Search Niki Grant explains why giving digital tasks to offline media people is risky business via Mediatel.


Understanding consumer mindset via keyword intent

Digital Account Director Jodie Brookton takes a look at the benefits of understanding your consumers mindset via keyword intent.


Three strikes and you’re out: Google’s new ad policy pilot

Director of Search Niki Grant takes a look at Google’s recent three-strike penalty pilot scheme to better police the products being promoted through the Google Ads platform.


Customer Moods, Mindsets and Mental Capacity

Director of Digital Ben Foster looks at the importance of media plans adapting as customers’ moods change.


It’s time social giants stepped up to the tackling-racial-hate plate

Senior Digital Account Manager Simi Gill looks at the responsibility social platforms need to take to tackle online hate.


We need to get real about ‘art vs science’ in digital media

Direct of Search Niki Grant talks all things digital media via Mediatel.


A day with.. Sarah Faust, Senior Data Scientist

Sarah shares her typical day as Senior Data Scientist at TKF.


Why % of marketing spend just doesn’t work for Search

Director of Search Niki Grant looks at digital marketing management and why a percentage of marketing spend doesn’t work for Search.


Brands have lost the power struggle

Director of Search Niki Grant takes a look at how marketing audiences have become judge, jury, and executioner.


The Kite Factory Announces Record 35% Growth Rate and £15million new billings

We are so proud of our brilliant team who have come together and helped us achieve a record year of growth.


Ensuring card days are not hard days

As proud members of Bloom & Wild’s Thoughtful Marketing Movement, we’ve put together three tips on how marketers can be more mindful of their audience.


Might the spectre of inflation hang media as well as house prices this summer

This week Founder Mike Colling takes a look at media inflation over the long run.


New TGI data takes a step towards more inclusive planning

A look at inclusive media planning and what this means for us as advertisers.


A day with.. Patrick Beswick, Digital Planner/Buyer

Patrick shares his typical day as a Digital Planner/Buyer at TKF.


The Kite Factory appoints its first Director of Search

Niki Grant joins The Kite Factory as the agency’s first Director of Search.


Scaling Subscriptions: Why brand advertising is so important

A guide to why brand advertising is pivotal in scaling subscription services and products.


Three trends that will determine whether you reach your audience this summer

A look at how you can reach your audience this summer.


A day with.. Frankie Elton, Senior Investment Executive

Frankie shares her typical day as Senior Investment Executive at TKF.


Is anyone paying attention to a word you’re saying?

Director of Digital Ben Foster shares his advice on how to maximise quality attention for your campaigns.


Our formula for a successful subscription launch

In the first of our TKF Hacks series, we share our formula for launching a successful subscription product.


From the team: Starting a job during lockdown

Marketing Executive Lucy Prince shares her experience in starting her media career from her bedroom.


Our city centres may be fuller sooner than we expect

We take a look at how different generations have ‘thrived’ or ‘survived’ lockdown and what it means for advertisers as we slowly return to the office.


Prices may rise but efficiencies can still be found

As prices rise for TV advertising, how can performance-led advertisers mitigate the impact of this inflation on their costs per acquisition?


We may not be locked up (or down), but will all of us leave our cells this summer?

With shops, bars and restaurants back in business, are we finally on the road back to normal?


Unpacking Google’s post-cookie roadmap announcement

Director of Digital Ben Foster shares his thoughts on Google’s latest Chrome update.


Plan for “Disturbances in the Force” this spring

Our advice for performance advertisers as lockdown restrictions begin to ease.


Fireside: Principles & Practices of Fundraising

Founder Mike Colling joins Jayne George and Adrian Sargeant to discuss fundraising in 2021 in the lead up to their new book release.


TKF awarded TAG Brand Safety Certification

TKF pick up TAG Brand Safety certification, demonstrating our commitment to providing brand safe campaigns for our clients.


The Spotify Audience Network: A New Era for Podcast Advertising

A look at podcast advertising and what the new era means for us as advertisers.


White Claw appoints The Kite Factory as UK media agency

We welcome White Claw to TKF family.


Could Covid-19 have changed our listening habits for good?

How the pandemic has changed our listening habits, and what impact this has for radio.


Will heritage newspaper brands thrive in a post cookie world?

A look at the rising importance of ‘old fashioned’ media owners coming late to the digital party.


What separated the best from the rest in fundraising in 2020?

A look back at fundraising in 2020 and how charities can drive growth this year.


What does Boris’s roadmap mean for UK advertisers?

Our signposts to BoJo’s recovery map and the implications for brands and their media plans.


How can you stop your marketing budget being seen as a cost?

Our tools to ensure your boardroom is speaking the same language when it comes to marketing investments.


The 2021 generation gap: should we be worried?

Why the ‘all-adult’ audience isn’t what it once was and opportunities for brands to bridge the rapidly growing generation gap.


Unlocking the high-value heartland of legacy givers

A whitepaper on how to tap into the heart land of high-value legacy givers.


Clash of the tech titans: Who’s really in control?

A look at the big five’s ever-expanding stature of influence and implications for consumers in their fight to the top.


Is Apple’s ongoing crusade against tracking in consumers’ best interest?

Director of Digital Ben Foster shares his view on the consequences of the latest iOS update via New Digital Age.


Events dear boy, events.

Why Howard Macmillan’s response to a journalist in 1961 is more relevant than ever in January 2021.


TKF welcomes trio of new clients

We welcome Hoppily, Care Visions and SOS Children’s Villages to the TKF family.


Is anyone paying attention to a word you’re saying?

Actionable insights from Lumen Research’s latest report on measuring consumer attention.


2021: What’s ahead for marketing?

Our market overview and recommendations on how best to invest your marketing budget in 2021.


The next 10 years for subscriptions

Strategy Director, Christian Taylor gives his verdict on the subscription market.


Care International appoints The Kite Factory as media agency

Care International appoints TKF as media agency following competitive pitch.


TKF awarded Most Innovative Independent Media Agency

TKF are extremely proud to have been awarded Most Innovative Independent Media Agency.


Consumer report: The Lockdown subscriber

Our proprietary report on who to avoid and others to prioritise when it comes to subscription acquisition.


Majestic partners with TKF and Red Brick Road to launch “Discover New Tastes” campaign

The Kite Factory and Red Brick Road partners with Majestic for the launch of their new campaign.


2020: “Sorry, it’s still not acceptable to air an ad featuring non-white people.”

Senior Digital Account Manage Simi Gill gives her perspective on the Sainsbury’s Christmas ad backlash.


The Kite Factory supports The Commonwealth War Graves Commission in #ShineOn Remembrance campaign

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission launches #ShineOn Remembrance campaign.


The value of Earned Media in UK Vaccine take-up

Why the UK Vaccine task force’s £670,000 spend on PR may be their best investment.


Emerging donor trends from a Covid-19 Special Report

A look at how the pandemic has affected donor behaviour following the Charities Aid Foundation’s COVID-19 Report.


Lockdown 2.0: Tracking the seismic waves through the media market

What lockdown 2.0 might mean for you and what, if any, are the silver linings in this very black cloud.


How high street retailers can survive the cold this Christmas

What the shift from high street to e-commerce means for retailer’s media mix and yours this Christmas. 


Reasons to Be Cheerful with James Smith

James Smith shares what keeps him smiling with New Digital Age.


Client spotlight: Chris King, Founder of Birch Community

Our first client spotlight with Chris King, Founder of Birch.


The key to effectiveness: Learnings from IPA Effectiveness Awards 2020

Key learnings from the Grand Prix Winner and actions that can be applied to any brand as a result.


TKF and WaterAid pick up Bronze at IPA Effectiveness Awards 2020

The Kite Factory and WaterAid pick up Bronze at IPA Effectiveness Awards 2020.


How are different audiences feeling about Christmas and what role do brands have to play?

How to make your Christmas marketing a little less “bumpy” and a little more Bublé.


What will impending job losses mean for sales this Christmas?

We explore what the impending job losses means for sales this Christmas.


Indie media agencies join forces to launch Land of Independents

The Kite Factory proudly join forces with fellow independent agencies for campaign championing the indie media sector.


Should you invest in media this autumn?

A look and why, how and where you should be investing in media this autumn.


The Kite Factory awarded World Vision UK media brief

International Christian children’s charity World Vision appoints TKF following competitive pitch.


Radio? Ruh Roh…

A look at the changing radio market throughout Q2 and it’s role on media schedules this autmn as a result..


TCF 2.0: Just another privacy update or are wider implications pending?

What the latest iteration of the IAB’s transparency and consent framework means for advertisers.


It turns out that we did all read Boris’s letter.

A look at newly released data from JICMail showing just how important mail has been to us the last few months.


TM Lewin’s Tim Patten joins The Kite Factory

TM Lewin’s Tim Patten joins The Kite Factory as Senior Board Advisor


How shared media can step change your marketing

How Shared Media can step-change your business and make your budget work significantly harder.


iOS 14: Overcoming the on-going measurement challenge

What Apple’s latest iOS update means for advertisers and three digital innovators to keep an eye on over the coming months.


OOH: Out of the effectiveness comfort zone?

A look at the changing role of OOH and how it can prove a powerful neighbourhood companion for brands.


Is the time-honoured newsstand finally facing extinction?

Why it might be time for press advertisers to diversify their channel planning this autumn.


Conscious Ad Month: Together we CAN make a difference

Conscious Ad Month: What we are doing to tackle the ethical challenges in advertising.


A lesson from Saturday night at the (socially distanced) movies

How Mitsubishi showed that brands can change opinion and create word of mouth through real-world experience.


Preventing poor performance post TV price plunge

Prophylactic planning measures to ensure you protect the effectiveness of your TV investments.


Subscription: The saviour combatting retail revenue decline

A look at the subscription market throughout Covid-19 and how a subscription product can lower the barriers to acquiring new customers.


Independents: The heroes of advertising in 2020

Commercial Director, Jonathan Leech reflects on how independents have proven the heroes vs the network giants during Covid-19.


Programmatic display: From villain to local hero?

As lockdown eases, we look at how geo-targeted programmatic display can prove an effective means of local advertising.


How Earned Media can supercharge your marketing strategy

Key considerations to give the best chance of success with Earned media.


The & Partnership and TKF launches first campaign with the LTA ‘Play Your Way’

The LTA launch ‘Play Your Way’ campaign; a commitment to opening tennis up to the nation.


Study reveals five key factors contributing to decline in charitable giving

New study by The Kite Factory and YouGov reveals the five barriers contributing to the decline in giving.


Covid-19: Embracing change

A look at the IPA and Opinium’s latest studies on behaviour changes throughout lockdown and the implications for brands.


Overcoming barriers to donate

Our proprietary report on the barriers to donation, in partnership with YouGov.


The overlooked demographic: Under 25’s in lockdown

Mental Health Awareness: A perspective of the pressures under 25’s are experiencing in lockdown.


Why the rules of engagement are more crucial than ever

Why the concept of ‘right person, right message, right time’ is still paramount even during the pandemic.


Effectiveness lessons from BoJo’s boo-boos

Effectiveness lessons from BoJo’s boo-boos: How the multiple-media effect helped cut through the PM’s ‘Stay Alert’ confusion.


COVID-19: Navigating the new normal in media & beyond

Watch our live discussion on the impact of COVID-19 on the media landscape and how brands can navigate the new normal


Jonathan Leech promoted to Commercial Director

TKF promotes Jonathan Leech to Commercial Director as it continues to develop and expand agency offering. 


Capturing attention & response in a time of media overload

What channels to buy and where brands can find consumers both paying attention and prepared to respond during lockdown.


TKF maintain CPD Gold and Platinum Accreditation from IPA

The Kite Factory retains CPD Gold and Platinum Accreditation from the IPA.


Testing TV in A Lockdown

How TV can drive short-term business performance and long-term brand growth, even during hardship.


Marketing during COVID-19: It’s not all or nothing

Opportunities to gain cost-effective reach and frequency during the Coronavirus crisis.


International Animal welfare charity Brooke Appoints The Kite Factory

Animal welfare charity appoints independent agency to handle £1.2m media account after a competitive pitch.  


We may be all in this together, but not in the same way

The significant differences in attitudes and behaviours of your audiences, and how to create value for them.


The Kite Factory Names New UK Managing Director in James Smith

TKF promotes Client Service Director James Smith to UK Managing Director.


Wood Green appoints The Kite Factory to launch new Legacy Fundraising programme


Creating growth in the time of Covid-19

Actionable insights for UK media advertisers.


Outsource for success

How out-sourcing can help brands complete the full-service circle AND level out the industry playing field.


TV At The Tipping Point? Not for the over-45s

Targeting older TV audiences can increase investment, even in the age of millennials.


Perfect Match: The LTA appoints The&Partnership and The Kite Factory

Perfect Match: The LTA appoints The&Partnership and The Kite Factory


Leonard Cheshire appoints The Kite Factory to tell Charlie’s story

Leonard Cheshire appoints The Kite Factory to drive awareness of their #ActuallyICan campaign.


Challenges Bring Opportunities For Those Willing To Be Bold

Blending art and science to empower digital marketing in a post GDPR world.


Birch appoints The Kite Factory as media partner

The Kite Factory has been appointed as the media partner for urban escape hotel group, Birch.


RE:Purpose – driving new models of engagement for charities

Addressing the challenges facing traditional giving.


Help your customers live their best lives or be left behind

A deep dive into the well-being sector and best in class brands adopting to help consumers live their best lives. 


2019: a year in TV and news

A roundup of TV and news from the past year from our trading experts.


What’s hot this week

Flight Centre & Expedia jump on the Harry and Meghan bandwagon, Fornite’s partnership with ICRC and a bus full of steel chairs to announce WWE’s move to BT Sports.


#PMA20: The Kite Factory on Winning Best Brand Engagement

PerformanceIn talks to Head of Insight, Planning & Strategy, Rik Moore on the award-winning WaterAid Untapped campaign.


Employment lawyers Leigh Day hire The Kite Factory and Wax/On

Employment lawyers Leigh Day hire The Kite Factory and Wax/On


The trust crisis and the sharing solution

Rik Moore, Head of Insight, Planning & Strategy on going beyond a “traditional” charity partnership to reverse trust in the sector.


Mindful money: How Triodos are revolutionising finance marketing

Mindful money: How Triodos are revolutionising finance marketing


The Kite Factory wins challenger wealth manager Netwealth

The Kite Factory has been awarded the media business for Netwealth, the wealth management business.


The Kite Factory appoints Colin Smith as Head of Data & Analytics

The Kite Factory appoints agenda21’s Colin Smith as Head of Data & Analytics.


How brands can win at e-gaming

By Emily Smith, Senior Business Executive on the role of brands in one of the biggest new sectors.


Rental start-up Residently appoints The Kite Factory for media brief

Rental start-up Residently appoints The Kite Factory for media brief


WaterAid and Greenpeace pick up three gongs at the Campaign Good Awards!

WaterAid and Greenpeace pick up three gongs at the Campaign Good Awards!


Ethical banking brand Triodos Bank appoints The Kite Factory

The Kite Factory has won the media planning and buying account for Triodos Bank, the ethical finance brand.


Your guide to the social media Donation Sticker

Your guide to the social media Donation Sticker


IAB Gold Standard is gaining momentum

IAB Gold Standard is gaining momentum


How to Do More with Less:  a guide to digital optimisation


Planning Masterclass: The Power of Digital Audio


Awards success continues apace at TKF!


Coming out in support of Pride marketing


Advertising must step up and take charge, because no one else is going to


Cannes Lions 2019: Our pick of the winners


Revealed: The secret to a successful subscription launch


Brand Love in the 21st Century: A Guide


IAB Engage 2019: How to make the best of today’s tech


Effective Planning: Conquering your own bias


Game of Thrones may be over, but its impact will live on


Solving Subscriptions: A consumer study

Solving Subscriptions: What consumers want and need from today’s subscription brands


With TV advertising, you get what you pay for


Do you practice environmentally friendly advertising?


Performance Marketing Awards winners!

WaterAid #Untapped picks up Best Brand Engagement at Performance Marketing Awards!


Secret to subscription success lies in respecting the data at every single stage


Email communication is outdated and irrelevant to customers of all ages, finds study


WaterAid #Untapped shortlisted for the Marketing Society BRAVE Awards!


Organic food challenger Little Freddie awards media business to The Kite Factory


MC&C rebrands to The Kite Factory


What’s next for Facebook?


Drum Marketing Awards Winners!

WaterAid #Untapped picks up Best Advertising Strategy at The Drum Marketing Awards!


Event: Solving Subscriptions

See the highlights from our Solving Subscription event using finding’s from our whitepaper report.


Are networks set up to do joined-up thinking?


Latest YouTube Scandal: How can marketers protect their brand?


TV at the Tipping Point? No chance


What did you do this year to celebrate National Anti Click-Through Rate Day?


Politics and brand advertising: Is it time to review protocol?


Havas’s Rik Moore takes on new Insight, Strategy & Planning role at MC&C Media


Comic Relief hands strategic media brief to MC&C Media


Iceland’s ad was never “banned” – but the publicity is no bad thing


Marketers: Take back control of your data but please, do it properly


Animal charity Wood Green appoints MC&C Media to drive business growth and engagement


Lovehoney, the sexual happiness people, appoints MC&C


MC&C Media extends relationship with trio of clients into international markets


Poor uptake of the IAB Gold Standard is a sad indictment of our industry


Ben Foster promoted to agency’s first Director of Digital role


MC&C Media’s 100% pitch win rate sees Q1 income beat 2017 total


MC&C awarded £1.3m media account by leading animal healthcare provider, Ceva