Study reveals five key factors contributing to decline in charitable giving

New study by The Kite Factory and YouGov reveals the five barriers contributing to the decline in giving.


Covid-19: Embracing change

A look at the IPA and Opinium’s latest studies on behaviour changes throughout lockdown and the implications for brands.


Overcoming barriers to donate

Our proprietary report on the barriers to donation, in partnership with YouGov.


The overlooked demographic: Under 25’s in lockdown

Mental Health Awareness: A perspective of the pressures under 25’s are experiencing in lockdown.


Why the rules of engagement are more crucial than ever

Why the concept of ‘right person, right message, right time’ is still paramount even during the pandemic.


Effectiveness lessons from BoJo’s boo-boos

Effectiveness lessons from BoJo’s boo-boos: How the multiple-media effect helped cut through the PM’s ‘Stay Alert’ confusion.


COVID-19: Navigating the new normal in media & beyond

Watch our live discussion on the impact of COVID-19 on the media landscape and how brands can navigate the new normal


Jonathan Leech promoted to Commercial Director

TKF promotes Jonathan Leech to Commercial Director as it continues to develop and expand agency offering. 


Capturing attention & response in a time of media overload

What channels to buy and where brands can find consumers both paying attention and prepared to respond during lockdown.


TKF maintain CPD Gold and Platinum Accreditation from IPA

The Kite Factory retains CPD Gold and Platinum Accreditation from the IPA.