Bird's Eye view

A day with.. Ben Duncan, Senior Client Account Executive

So, Ben how long have you been at TKF and what team do you work in? 

I’ve been at TKF for just over a year and a half now and sit within the Client Team as a Senior Client Account Executive.

Tell us about your typical workday as  Senior Client Account Executive? 

My typical working day usually starts with a quick browse of some industry sites/newsletters I subscribe to so I can see what’s going on, keeping an eye out for any articles or research that may be of particular relevance to my clients, and then looking over my to-do list to try to prioritise my tasks for the day.

From there, things are really determined by the status of my clients and what activity we have or have had running with them lately. Generally, it will include checking campaign results, having status calls with clients to update on and discuss any key points and responding to emails to ensure we are running smoothly across all fronts.

If we are planning a campaign then I will be carrying out research into the target audience/market competitors using the tools that we have at our disposal, whilst working with other specialised teams within the agency to determine what the ideal media mix for us to use will be and how to buy it in order to hit our campaign objectives. Then based on this I’d work on confirming how we’ll distribute budget between media channels and collating a RTB (response to brief) deck and a wholistic media plan to share with the client for sign off.

If we’re at the other end of the timeline and a campaign has recently finished, I’ll be looking back at results to determine the affect the media we booked has had on the clients KPI’s, analysing how competitors acted over the same time period and working with other teams involved to prepare a PCA (post-campaign analysis) deck ready to present back to the client.

What do you enjoy most about working in the media industry?

The people are a really key one for me. The vast majority of people I’ve met in the industry, particularly at TKF, are all fun-loving people who are passionate about what they do.

What’s one of you biggest tips for hybrid working? 

There are three things:

  1. Get outside. I’m rubbish at it. I often just collapse on my sofa on my lunchbreak. But every time I go for just a little walk and listen to a bit of a podcast it puts me in such a better mood for the rest of the day.
  2. Talk to people. If you live with others, then great but if you’re on your own, call people on Teams to discuss things if it’s easier, rather than just messaging and enjoy the few minutes at the start of each call to catch up with people.
  3. Try and get into the office a few times a week. It’s nice from just a change of scenery point of view, but can also help you understand and advance with things much easily due to the ease of being in the same room with others, and it being easier to have more fluid discussions.

How would you best describe TKF in 3 words?  




What has been your favourite memory at TKF?  

Our Summer party in 2021 is a pretty great memory. Having joined the company in multiple lockdowns, whilst feeling very welcomed and getting to know my immediate team well, it wasn’t so easy to meet other people in the wider agency. This party gave the opportunity for that and it was lovely to meet so many more great people who were of a similar mindset to me.