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Measuring effectiveness

Our heritage in performance means effectiveness is at the heart of everything we do. We are proud to be one of 18 pioneering agencies to hold the IPA Effectiveness Accreditation, demonstrating our dedication to effectiveness and helping to set a benchmark for the industry.

Data is meaningless without context

We believe linear measurement is deceptive and attribution modelling is inherently flawed. Comprehensive through-funnel measurement is essential for successful holistic campaigns. By synchronising media with real-time business outcomes, we gain actionable insights that yield measurable results.


Our team of mathematicians, statisticians, and econometricians are dedicated to helping our clients solve their business challenges through tailored services for short-term gains and long-term success. We provide marketing solutions that optimise campaign spend through media data, attribution, and marketing mix modelling, as well as customer solutions that focus on hyper-effective targeting, database analysis, profiling, customer modelling, and segmentation.




Seen&Heard™ is our planning tool that factors the strengths and weaknesses of the 5 hero video formats to craft the perfect AV plan for your target audience and campaign objectives. After selecting your target audience, objectives and inputting your budget, Seen&Heard™ calculates the optimum budget to allocate to each of the 5 hero formats. We then have the option to optimise the reach and frequency manually using the tool to add multipliers to each of the channels.

Media Mix Modelling

An invaluable technique to gain a holistic understanding of what channels drive overall response, removing all the biasing of linear techniques. MMMs allow us to incorporate the long ad-stocks typically observed with TV and other ATL activity that currently makes up a significant portion of the marketing mix. We also factor in non-media factors known to affect response to produce a base level of response achieved without any media activity.

Audience Segmentation

We investigate whether each customer is likely to churn, whether they should be targeted within the next three months, whether they will be open to the upselling of a product, when not to offer discounts and other big questions that will ultimately drive your business and create more loyal, committed customers.

A holistic view of your campaign data

FlightDeck™ is our daily measurement and reporting platform to collect, transform, store and visualise your campaign performance using a combination of platform APIs and over 450 data sources from media partners, third-party data, and client data. FlightDeck™ creates a holistic view of campaign data and brand health metrics, generating richer actionable insight and driving investment decisions, resulting in better business outcomes for our clients.

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