From the Team

A day with.. Frankie Elton, Senior Investment Executive

So Frankie how long have you been at TKF and what is your role?

I have been at TKF 2 and half years now! Firstly, starting in Business Management/Client Team and transitioning over to my current team, TV/Investment. I applied straight out of Uni and it only feels like last week I arrived for my interview and was greeted by Holly’s smiling face and comforting aura that she just has about her!

Tell us about your typical workday as Senior Investment Executive

I would be very surprised if anyone’s workday is typical in media and that is partly why I love it! Majority of my days I like to start fresh and early, prepping myself with a coffee in hand, emails open, Campaign on scroll and ‘to do list’ checked twice. BUT on a bad (pre COVID) day I can be dragging myself out of bed, dealing with the aftermath of a broadcaster event from the night before… at least the morning conversations get us through as we pull it together accompanied by a Greggs.

Hangover or none, I spend a portion of my morning spot buying and managing airtime delivery for our clients. We work with live budgets which can alter and shift overnight and so we need to react to this as soon as possible. I am also at the beginning of a full-time planner’s role, inputting recommendations to our client’s media plans and mapping out how to deliver their budgets the most cost-efficient way through either reach or frequency being the main objective. Further, maximising response as much as possible on the back of this, whether that be through regular donations, sign-ups or value exchange.

That was a mouthful wasn’t it and only part of my job explained so far! Just to note I am a key believer in taking that 15min break – excel sheets can be a killer. So grab a tea, chat about something none work related and refuel. My team religiously have a Fika everyday at 11am which started the first week of WFH to do just that, and it has been a god send throughout the craziness. I try to spend majority of my lunches on walks too, it really helps me focus for the arvo.

A part of my day is also usually spent reporting to clients on their activity, with us being a heavily run performance agency. We do this through several demonstrations, the main being a weekly topline in-campaign update to the client, a spot schedule that is also populated weekly and then also in form of a post-campaign presentation (monthly) – showcasing how we can optimise and take leanings for future activity, (to name a couple of examples) what stations have worked well for us and what time of day did we see the most contact with our call centres.

What are you looking forward to most when we are finally back in the office (that’s assuming you are looking forward to being back!)

I am most certainly looking forward to being back into the office! Catching up in the kitchen with fellow 11am tea runners, popping over to someone’s desk with a minute question but ending up finding out what they are having for dinner and how their mums dog is getting on and (most importantly) getting out and about with our clients/saleshouse reps again; seeing what restaurants and bars London has to offer in the process! Media is such a social industry, and I don’t want that to change, I miss my colleagues! Although can dress(ing gown) Monday’s become a thing please?!

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

It differs really, I have bursts of fitness interests, ranging from running (although I am very slow) to bootcamps and HITT classes! But I do love to read, and you’ll find me most evenings curled up on the sofa with a crime-novel (between online shopping and Desperate Housewives re-runs of course)! I also enjoy photography, mainly travel related though, and well you know the score here…

What’s the first thing you will be doing on June 21st?

Knowing me I will fancy a nice night in!

Lastly, how would you best describe TKF in 3 words?

Just. Gets. Better!