From the Team

A day with.. Liz Whitworth, AV Investment Executive

So Liz how long have you been at TKF and what team do you work in?

I started working at TKF around 8 months ago, just after lockdown restrictions started easing which was great! And I am a member of the wonderful AV team.

Congratulations on your recent promotion! What is your new role and how are you finding it?

Thank you! My new role is AV Investment Executive, which I’m really excited about. Although It feels like a distant memory now as I’ve been so busy getting stuck in to my new responsibilities. I’m finding it very rewarding so far, it’s been great to expand my TV knowledge and start taking more day-to-day responsibility.

Tell us about your typical workday?

My workday always starts with a massive pot of coffee or tea and then checking my emails (always in that order of course!). I check in with my immediate team to discuss upcoming client work and, of course, catch up on what we had for dinner or our weekend plans! Everything else differs day-to-day but I often check my campaigns in the morning to see if we are on target for the month, write TV performance reports, have various client calls, and meetings with Media Owners.

What’s one of you biggest tips for hybrid working?

Coming from a job within the NHS, working from home was a completely new concept to me when I started and took me a while to adapt and find a healthy work-life balance. I found that taking regular breaks and getting out the flat during my lunch hour really helped with that!

What has been your favourite memory at TKF? 

My favourite memory has to be our Christmas party 2021, I absolutely love a karaoke anthem and I’m fairly sure my voice didn’t come back until at least a week afterwards.

What is your go to drink on a sunny afternoon in the pub?

Its has to be Pimms!