Day in the life

A day with… Rochelle Morgan-Smith, People Assistant

So, Rochelle, how long have you been at TKF and what team do you work in?

I joined The Kite Factory in October 2021 as a People Assistant.

Tell us about your typical workday as our People Assistant.

My workday in the People Team is everchanging and always remains interesting, whether meeting new people, offering support across all levels, finding new legislation to follow, finding new ways of working etc. What happens today will always be different to what happens tomorrow, but that’s why I love what I do and choose to work in the People Team, as there’s always room for growth and learning on the job, all whilst supporting our staff.

What do you enjoy most about working in the media industry?

Starting in a new industry such as media, you join with a basic understanding and awareness of what’s visible at the surface level, without realising how broad it is and how much dedication goes into the work behind the scenes. This creates endless learning opportunities, even if it isn’t within your remit. Everyone gets involved in working together and aiming higher to achieve great results. Because of this, I now know a few abbreviated media terms!

What’s one of your biggest tips for hybrid working?

I’d say my biggest tip for hybrid working is balance and flexibility. After experiencing a pandemic and realising we can adapt our ways of working, it’s now great to have the option to WFH and the option of going into the office whilst having the freedom to choose the days you want to go in. The office environment gives you the social aspects you don’t get at home and builds stronger working relationships and better team collaboration. But, on the other hand, you appreciate having the option to WFH when you have an admin-heavy day, need silence and focus and can do it all whilst sitting in a pair of joggers!

What has been your favourite memory at TKF?

My favourite memory at TKF so far was being a part of the social committee and hosting a TKF-themed quiz in the office whilst wearing fake moustaches. It was a fun social for everyone – from discovering what the inside of people’s fridges looked like to realising how competitive everyone can get!

With the lighter evenings finally here, what would be your go-to drink on a sunny afternoon in the pub?

Without a doubt, an Aperol Spritz! It reminds me of Lake Garda and is a sign that summer is almost here. (It’s a bit like Marmite, though, people either love it or hate it!).