Day in the life

A day with… Tom Price, AV Executive

So, Tom, how long have you been at TKF and what team do you work in?

I have been working at The Kite Factory for just over a year now, working in the AV team (sat by the kitchen) 

Congratulations on your recent promotion! What is your new role and how are you finding it?

Thank you! My new role is AV Investment Executive. I’d say it’s going very well so far, definitely a step up in responsibilities, whilst being moved to work on a larger client than I previously did.  

Tell us about your typical workday as an AV Investment Executive 

My typical workday would start off by having something hot for breakfast (if working from home) to fuel myself for a busy morning! I then log on around 9am and go through any emails that may have come in over-night or in the early morning. I will then make sure that all the sales houses we work with have sent over the most updated versions of the airtime schedules and see any changes that have been made. My morning will then largely consist of communicating with sales houses to try and optimize and edit the airtime we have, to fit our client’s needs. This in a way carries on all day, to make sure the necessary changes have been made. During other parts of the morning and in the afternoon, I will be pulling data reports, analysing and going on calls to discuss how well the campaigns I am assigned to are performing. Along with other tasks and requests along the way, it’s a mixed role which I enjoy.  

What is your favourite way to unwind after a busy day?

I will often go to the gym after work (unless miraculously I manage to wake up early and go before work). After this I’ll try and cook something fairly nice for dinner, although I’m no Gordon Ramsay. I’ll then put on some easy watching TV or football if there’s any on. Although right now of course Monday nights are reserved for the Last of Us, which I’m enjoying a lot  

How would you best describe TKF in 3 words?

Friendly, supportive, growth.

One item you cannot leave your house without and why?

I would probably say my headphones. I don’t have a car at the moment so most of my travel is either done on a train or walking everywhere, so it’s nice to just whack on some music or a podcast, especially on a packed central line in the morning before work!