Action For Children

Creative versioning to drive performance for Secret Santa

Following a positive pilot in 2018, we aimed to further prove display‚Äôs value in driving an effective ROI for Action For Children’s Secret Santa campaign through re-engagement of warm users. Christmas always poses the added challenge of delivering cut through in an often-over-saturated charity market, so finding a creative sweet-spot, and dialling in our creative message would be key

What we did

Based on learnings gathered from the previous year, we created several sets of banners so that we could continue to A/B test and optimise to top performing creatives. This mean that we could lean towards creative that best resonated with our audience to drive donations.

What we did

Using a suite of tools available to us and working in collaboration with AFC and their content team, we quickly, and cost effectively, created several versions of creatives to be delivered at this key time of year for the charity.

Display retargeting saw a 22% improvement in ROI performance YoY and real, emotive imagery massively improved performance, generating a 163% higher ROI vs creative including illustration imagery in head-to-head tests.

While Secret Santa usually utilises very distinct illustrations as part of the brand identity, adopting this new version and conveying real-life examples in messaging proved to resonate much greater with our audience – a key learning for the brand and us with our other charity clients.

  • 22%

    Increase in ROI via retargeting

  • 163%

    Higher ROI vs illustration creative

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