Blue Cross

Driving an emotional connection and response

Blue Cross’ aim was to drive brand awareness while maximising conversions over the Christmas holiday period. With competitors seeing a large proportion of brand recall for Pets Charities, we used multiple programmatic tactics and formats to build a stronger emotional connection with users and drive engagement and donations.

What we did

Having both display and video creatives, we decided on two routes to achieve our goals. Firstly, we used YouTube to build an emotional connection with our audience and build brand awareness, contextually targeting our audience with the three videos available to us through segments.

What we did

DV360 then allowed us to target our base demographic, 35+ females, and then layer over Google audience segments; pet lovers affinity, in-market for pet supplies and new pet life event. We also applied contextual targeting by running only on pet and animal videos which would have a higher likelihood of resonating with a leaned-in, pet loving audience. A combination of these targeting methods meant we could target our ideal audience granularly without sacrificing scale.

What we did

To increase engagement on YouTube, we utilised the YouTube for Action line which uses Google’s AI and responsive formats to drive users to site and convert. This investment meant we were able to run a brand lift study to gauge our performance in generating awareness, allowing us to evaluate our performance.

What we did

In combination with YouTube, we also partnered with Teads to drive engagement and donations, allowing us to serve both display and video creatives on premium publishers while buying on a dynamic CPM optimising towards quality visits. Teads’ social formats allowed us to streamline our programmatic and social offering serving high quality images and videos on the web with our messaging and CTAs.

By driving awareness and brand connection through YouTube, we achieved a VTR of 85% while serving over 3.5 million impressions. We also saw fantastic engagement, with an overall CTR of 0.25%, over 3.5 times our benchmark.

The brand lift study showed an absolute lift of 4% against major competitors, which showed the impact our ads had on users who had seen our ad and positively answered the survey, and those that hadn’t.

Teads saw fantastic engagement and donations, outperforming all KPI goals. The campaign delivered an ultimate CTR of 0.26%, over double the planned target. We also saw considerably more donations than expected, finishing with a 70% lower than forecasted CPA.

  • 85%


  • 3.5m

    Impressions served

  • 0.25%

    CTR, over 3.5 times our benchmark

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