Leveraging programmatically bought CTV to boost brand awareness and drive inquiries for Lithia

Our mission was to elevate top-of-funnel brand awareness for Lithia (previously known as Pendragon) owned brands and drive engagement with the Evans Halshaw, Car Store, and Stratstone websites through a multi-channel strategy, ultimately generating attributed enquiries. 

Although CTV (and buying it programmatically) is a relatively new medium, we recognised its ability to replicate the big-screen impact of linear TV in a more targeted way. Therefore, our goal was to incorporate it into our strategy to boost the performance of established channels and achieve our objectives comprehensively. 

What we did

We used Quantcast’s Demand Side Platform to target CTV devices by leveraging interest-based and lookalike targeting, informed by insights from on-site activity and previous display campaigns. Our focus was on lower funnel metrics, utilising Quantcast’s extensive network of online user data.

What we did

To drive enquiries, we implemented a programmatic display retargeting campaign to engage audiences who had viewed CTV ads in a traditional display format. This dual approach allowed us to cater to both upper and lower funnel objectives effectively.

The CTV campaign drove an excellent 97% VTR performance at a CPCV of £0.04suggestingstrong attention. The display ad retargeting then generated enquiries off the back of it (+25% vs plan) at a low CPA(-32% vs plan).  

Our analysis from the Funnel Impact Report in Quantcast also revealed a stark contrast in user behaviour when exposed to CTV ads. Users who were retargeted with display ads were 51% more likely to visit the site and a staggering 280% more likely to convert when they had been engaged by ads from our CTV activity. 


  • £0.04


  • 97%


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