Making homelessness impossible to ignore 

Homelessness is worsening in the UK, with a staggering 300,000 households facing the harsh reality of being forced out of their homes. During Christmas 2022 (a key period for any charity), Crisis needed to increase the nation’s awareness around homelessness and provide a greater understanding of the work they do.  

As a nation, we often pass by those in need without acknowledgement due to guilt or awkwardness. Our strategic approach was to make people see the human, not the “homeless person”, and encourage the population to stand with those facing homelessness. We set out to make homelessness impossible to ignore in both our creative and our media. 

Awards for Crisis

Campaign Media Awards: Shortlisted for Total Communications Campaign
Campaign Media Awards: Shortlisted for Public Sector & Charities

What we did

Alex, a 2.5 tonne, 4.3m high, hyper-real sculpture created by Adam&Eve and artist Sophie de Oliveria Barata, sat at the heart of this campaign. To ensure maximised exposure, we placed Alex in two of the most prominent cities in the UK: London and Birmingham.

What we did

We surrounded Alex with QR codes, leading visitors towards the Crisis website to read people’s stories of homelessness and how they can donate. Working with Mobsta, we geo-fenced Alex to allow us to continue our storytelling on mobile devices of those exposed to the statue.

What we did

We amplified the story, taking the conversation to a national level. To maximise coverage, we made Alex a focal point for broadcast PR across TV and print to visualise and widen the discussion about homelessness.

What we did

A powerful 50″ hero film was showcased by Channel 4 in a one-off ad break created just for Crisis, which interrupted their flagship 7pm News programme with a bespoke Premiere Break where a 10″ cobranded ident from Channel 4 introduced the hero film as a solus spot.

What we did

A host of cross-platform C4 activity supported this, from cherry-picked linear programming, presence across All4 content, the C4 YouTube channel, use of a QR-enabled All4 AdPause screen, and a Homepage Takeover across the All4 site. In addition, incremental AV reach was added with ITVX and Sky VoD targeting all adults, plus special reads within podcast sponsorships.

The campaign achieved a brilliant impact against our objectives, despite the economic and competitive context. A quarter of UK addressable adults recognised some part of the campaign, delivering an annual high against this metric.  

Homelessness buzz saw a huge uplift, with the campaign generating over 60 pieces of coverage and a reach of 2.9 million. Lastly, our brand tracker saw a significant shift in homelessness buzz pre-to-post campaign, an uplift of 36% to 44% on the metric Crisis provides year-round support and advice for people who are homeless. 

  • 2.9m

    Reach through PR coverage

  • 44%

    Uplift in homelessness buzz

  • 9%

    Increase in brand metrics

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