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Driving new leads with a country in lockdown is a difficult challenge. Naturally, a closure of gyms for a large proportion of the year would lead to a loss in enquiries and memberships, and the public looking to keep outgoings to a minimum.

Through Media Mix Modelling, we knew Programmatic Display has previously been identified as one of the most effective channels at driving enquiries for David Lloyd. Our challenge was therefore to continue to maximise cost efficiencies and deliver incremental success from the channel in the face of unprecedented external circumstances.


Awards for David Lloyd Leisure

Media Week Awards: Gold for Long-Term Media Strategy

What we did

Utilising dynamic creatives along with audience-based targeting, we were able to serve users ads displaying offers and information about David Lloyd clubs close to where they were geographically, usually tailored to the safety measures or outdoor classes that were available at specific gyms.

What we did

Combining the use of Google’s Campaign Manager and AI in DV360, we targeted those interested in health and fitness and used machine learning to find lookalike users to those that had previously enquired, with content advertising the David Lloyd gym closest to their location.

What we did

After creating interest and traffic with our dynamic prospecting, we retargeted users who had visited the site but not converted. This element was key in reinforcing our message, building effective frequency, driving enquiries, and achieving an efficient cost per enquiry.

Our combination of programmatic prospecting and retargeting led to fantastic results, far exceeding client expectations, even in an extremely challenging year. High levels of efficiency were achieved in awareness, engagement and enquiries:

  • 58% increase in enquiries
  • 80% increase in CTR
  • 50% increase in conversion rate
  • 32% decrease in CPE

This high performance helped our whole digital campaign increase total enquiries by 49% than planned in 2020.

  • 58%

    Increase in enquiries

  • 80%

    Increase in CTR

  • 50%

    Increase in conversion rate

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