Sending Doddle’s Christmas retail pressure packing with hyper-targeted creative.

For Doddle, the e-commerce click+collect and returns business, we teamed up with creative partners Wax/On to create a Christmas campaign that tapped into shoppers’ anxiety around safely receiving home delivered Christmas shopping.

In a cluttered market, where brand visibility is low, we needed to stand out during the most intense period for online retail. We used live store data to focus the modest budget on Doddle’s over-indexing cities, then using mobile technology to hyper-target to specific store locations in those key areas.

What we did

The creative was tailored to the channels we knew would have the most impact on store traffic whilst having a cheeky dig at the ‘safe places’ that other delivery businesses leave packages when someone isn’t at home.

What we did

With their many convenient, physical collect and return locations across the country, we made the promise to ‘pamper your presents until you’re ready to pick them up.’ The campaign featured a 30, 15 and 6 second film accompanied by digital OOH, targeted display and social around key Doddle locations and in-store take-overs. 

The campaign reached 16 million people, over 367,000 video views and drove over 16,000 people to the Doddle site. Most importantly,  78% of Doddle outlets saw an uplift in sales over the six week period, with a total volume uplift of 58%!

  • 58%

    Volume uplift

  • 367k

    Video views

  • 16m

    Unique reach

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