Fletchers Solicitors

Helping Fletchers Solictiors understand their customers to drive marketing effectiveness.

Fletchers solicitors is a leading law firm specialising in serious injury and medical negligence. They wanted to identify the silver-bullets in their customer data, improve the customer journey, use marketing more effectively and ensure a consistent high volume of quality leads.

What we did

We used Fletchers’ database to build an understanding of the typical customer, overlaying Mosaic profiles to identify locations for finding more look-a-like customers. Machine learning models were created to prioritise resource, so the best lawyers could be put on the cases most likely to succeed.

We then built a marketing mix model to enable Fletchers to redistribute their budgets to the strongest performing channels.

We created a geographical targeting strategy based on the Mosaic profiles and our machine learning model identified 37% of cases to prioritise, at twice the average success rate.

Our media recommendations were put into place with immediate success – specifically on social and PPC where spend was increased, within the recommended diminishing returns limits.

Combining our extensive expertise in database analysis, machine learning, econometrics and media modelling, we delivered remarkable results for Fletchers.

By helping them to better understand their audience and the chance of case success we helped them spend better to combat increased competition from their rivals and maintain their position as experts in the medical negligence space.

Working with The Kite Factory was a joy throughout, ensuring that we lay people were never ‘blinded by science’. For the first time, we were able to truly understand our customer base, who they are and what they need. The outputs were clear, insightful and above all – useful! Alex Kenny, Director of Marketing, Fletchers Solicitors

Our work

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