Flight Centre

Creating an engaging ad experience in a quality environment

Flight Centre has had ongoing partnerships with traditional press titles, however in this instance were limited by budget by what we could do to create a visually and physically engaging creative to appear across these press titles. We needed an alternative way to appear within premium environments and drive greater interaction with the brand with no existing creative available, time or extensive budget to brief a ‘typical’ creative agency.

What we did

Using a suite of exclusive tools to quickly and cost effectively generate creative assets using existing client collateral, we built several interactive banners that would allow users to explore the various holiday destinations available through Flight Centre within the ad unit itself. This avoided users being discouraged by having to click away from page.

What we did

Leveraging this feature alongside buying inventory through private deals across travel sections of The Guardian, The Telegraph and Trip Advisor via our programmatic team meant we would be contextually relevant and boost interaction with the brand.

On a budget that required ingenuity and ability to maximise cost efficiencies, we delivered our ads to 266.5k unique individuals and metrics measuring the quality of interaction surpassed BAU and MOAT benchmarks:

  • The creative in-view time was 26.05 seconds (33% more effective than BAU creative)
  • Universal interaction with the ads was 4.41% (15.11% more effective than MOAT benchmarks)
  • Attention quality and time spent within the ad frame surpassed MOAT benchmarks by 9.18% (33.41%)
  • 33%

    Increase in in-view time

  • 15%

    Increase in universal interaction

  • 9%

    Increase in ad attention quality

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