Hu Kitchen

Taking Hu Kitchen from launch to #1 in 8 weeks

Since launching in the US in 2013, Hu Kitchen has generated a passionate following for their incredible tasting chocolate made from the highest quality organic and paleo ingredients. In September 2021, off the back of this success, Hu wanted to launch the brand in the UK, where provenance and quality are of increasing concern to consumers.

What we did

With major health food and organic retailers the first to stock Hu Kitchen, we created a strategic digital campaign that geo-targeted store shoppers and those living or working nearby, creating buzz before driving them in-store to try the product for the first time.

What we did

In a highly competitive market, we understood that we needed to do more than just behave like a confectionary brand and expanded our targeting beyond chocoholics (although these are important!) and into lifestyle groups who see the quality and provenance of their treats as much a part of their lifestyle as their yoga mat or keep cup.

The campaign drove a now rapidly growing fan base to store and has resulted in Hu Kitchen being crowned the #1 best-selling chocolate brand in all their retailers just eight weeks after launching in the UK!

As the hype continues to grow, we are driving more and more e-commerce sales in the run-up to Christmas and are excited to expand in 2022 as Hu Kitchen hits the supermarket shelves. Watch this space as 2022 becomes the year of Hu!

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