Royal Mail

Using search to drive quality visits and educate the nation on direct mail

Royal mail wanted to change perceptions by educating users to increase the use of direct mail within companies.  One of the best ways to do this was to utilise paid search as users show intent while searching. We needed to define a successful strategy to capitalise on this and encourage the use of direct mail.

What we did

Alongside social, programmatic and partnerships with publications, paid search was one of the channels we decided to activate to reach users searching relevant terms.

What we did

We implemented a full funnel approach to our keyword segmentation, creating buckets of keywords: Purchase, Consideration and Awareness.

For our purchase campaigns, we were able to measure the success by analysing the volume of email sign-ups and downloads of the guides. With the upper funnel channels being tricker to measure, we worked with Royal Mail andtheir analytics agency to implement a ‘quality visit’ goal, defined, and implemented on analytics to optimise our campaigns towards.

By optimising our campaign towards the ‘quality visit’ goal, we were able to successfully decrease bounce rates by 34.61% and increased pages per session by 11.82%. This also meant that we saw an increase of 104% in conversion rates by seeking out those high-quality visits.

  • 35%

    Decrease in bounce rates

  • 104%

    Increase in conversion rates

  • 12%

    Increase in pages per session

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