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Bridging the communication gap with Sense Sign School

Having moved to a wider engagement focus, Sense wanted to develop a product that helped bring potential donors closer to the cause before asking them for a donation.

Backed by the insight that disabled people felt disconnected from others, and even little daily interactions like saying “hello” felt out of reach, Sense launched a series of free British Sign Language lessons, delivered by ‘Mr Tyrese’, a Deaf 15 year-old boy who fronted the campaign, to help bridge the communication gap and enable people of all abilities to communicate whatever the situation. ​

​Our media challenge was three-fold. We needed to drive sign-ups to Sense Sign School & encourage interactions with the daily lessons, engage a new audience to Sense, and finally collect opt-in data to continue the conversation and upsell post-campaign.

What we did

The campaign launch coincided with the first lockdown in March 2020, but rather than postponing, Sense & TKF agreed to leverage what was a perfect opportunity to deliver Sense’s message, when people had more time to learn and a desire to pick-up new skills.

Running across Facebook, Twitter, and PPC, we delivered a combination of video and static assets to an audience we knew were most likely to engage with Sense’s message – those who looked like Sense’s current donor database (excluding those already on it so we could reach new people), plus support workers, educators and those interested in BSL and braille.

What we did

Soon after we launched the campaign, Sense & TKF discovered this product had much broader appeal, with all audiences achieving cost per leads significantly below benchmark, with the largest audience – Females 25+ – achieving the highest click through rate. Off the back of this, we optimised and expanded out the size of our audiences accordingly.

Thanks to the amazing work from Sense’s communication team, the campaign achieved extensive PR coverage across BBC, Sky, BBC Radio 5, Daily Mirror & First News. Our agile approach allowed us to react and adapt our News & Radio audiences to capitalise on this.

We achieved over 6x our volume targets at a CPL -83% lower than TKF’s charity benchmarks and -86% lower than Facebook’s average cost per action.

Sense’s opt in % was 62%, double our target, showing we had obtained high quality leads.

We reached a new audience – 60% of leads had never heard of Sense and only 6% of those had donated previously, providing an excellent opportunity for upsell.

  • 62%

    Opt in, double our target

  • 60%

    Of the new audience had never heard of Sense

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