David Lloyd Leisure

Unlocking incremental gains for David Lloyd

David Lloyd had established, highly optimised digital accounts where brilliant basics were implemented, but we had to find incremental gains to drive growth and hit ambitious business targets. This is where we combined market-leading technology with unique data sets to take the business to the next level. We shifted away from a broadcast creative approach to a personalised one using signals such as proximity to their clubs, demographic profiles and club capacity.

What we did

We partnered with Facebook and Google Studio to turn David Lloyd’s existing DR creative into engaging motion content that demonstrated the brand offering, and tailored it using bespoke data segments such as club catchment area, usage and propensity to become a member.

What we did

We then undertook a granular placement optimisation, putting concerted investment into both Instagram and Stories creatives that helped drive 88% more enquiries at a CPE just 8% higher.

Our display targeting strategy which shifted away from pre-determined Experian segments to a more data-driven targeting approach drove our audience strategy and increased enquiries by 43% at a CPE 20% lower.

Our media mix modelling analysis showed that digitally attributed enquiries rose 96% year on year and overall enquiries increased by 4.3%, smashing the 2% business target and leading to greater investment in digital for 2020.

The work we did to create more engaging and informative content across the Facebook ecosystem not only improved performance metrics but also helped to increased brand awareness by +25% and brand understanding by +7%.

  • 88%

    Paid social enquires YoY

  • 25%

    Brand awareness

  • 43%

    Programmatic display enquiries YoY

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