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Tapping into Twixtmas to drive new accounts for the new year

Triodos had driven strong performance in digital channels to date but in a crowded market, wasn’t moving the needle in terms of awareness. In order to realise their growth ambitions, we needed to deliver 17% (one-sixth) of the company’s annual target applications in January 2021 to start the year with the right momentum.

Triodos noticed that, despite January seeing a peak in interest for ‘current accounts’, the period leading up to it in late December saw relatively little finance advertising. Twixtmas – the week between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day – gave Triodos a unique, cost-efficient window to spike awareness and drive performance.

What we did

To achieve double the results, we knew we needed a step change in media approach. The most powerful medium to deliver reach and emotion was TV. However, it’s traditionally an expensive medium to access, and one our banking competition use regularly, supported by enviable budgets, which would make it hard for us to get cut-through.

What we did

Then we found an interesting anomaly. We discovered that Twixtmas – the week that falls between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day – saw relatively little finance advertising, with airtime dominated  by sales ads. With the pre-Christmas demand over, airtime was significantly cheaper too, giving Triodos a cost-efficient window to get on air, and, with minimal competition, a window to maximise Share-of-Voice.


What we did

Led by our insights and  appealing pricing, we drove awareness utilising Linear TV & VOD across Channel 4, C4 Partners, and Sky Media, with a campaign from  Boxing Day running until 25th January 2021. We then drove more detailed Consideration and Conversion messaging through Google Display & Video 360, Facebook, and PPC, augmented across Owned Earned and Shared support from the client and their PR partners. ​

The campaign was a huge success, with the volume of Personal Current Accounts applications 50% higher than target, representing an uplift of +216% YoY and +82% PoP since TV went live.

By delivering results 50% over the monthly target, we successfully delivered 25% of the annual 2021 PCA applications target in January alone, smashing the 17% objective we had been set. This was all delivered at a CPA 11% lower than target, proving it was cost effective too!

  • 50%

    Over the monthly target for applications

  • 216%

    Applications uplift YoY

  • 11%

    lower than CPA target

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