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Highlighting UNICEF Australia’s role amidst a global pandemic to fuel end of Tax year donations

June is a critical time of year for Australian charities building up to the end of the tax year on the 30th and its incredibly competitive as organisations battle to be front of mind. We needed to position UNICEF as the most relevant and easy charity to donate to and counter their declining position in the charity brand index. To hit the ambitious $1.4m target on a limited budget our focus was targeting a high donation propensity audience at the optimum time with the right ask.

We know that Australian givers are increasingly ‘need responders’ with two in five most likely to give when they hear about a need or issue. To tap into this behaviour, the Tax Appeal focussed on the role that UNICEF played amidst the Coronavirus pandemic through the call to ‘Unite Against Disease’. The campaign highlighted the increased need for vaccinations and health & sanitisation products illustrating the role UNICEF plays in sending supplies and support to the most vulnerable children and their communities.

What we did

From a media perspective we leveraged BVOD as our core broadcast channel to evoke emotion via delivery of UNICEF’s 30 second Hero creative. This was supplemented with connected TV placements on YouTube to drive incremental reach and frequency.

What we did

An increased emphasis on the high net worth audience with a high affinity for news content was achieved through Facebook interest targeting, display news site whitelists and Teads’ inventory premium publishers. The content included a bespoke tax calculator and countdowns to June 30th to create urgency and immediate response.

A tight approach to retargeting across programmatic display and Facebook further helped re-engage those who had previously shown interest in the organisation. This was supported by PPC to help harvest demand triggered by the prospective channels.

The campaign was a huge success having delivered a 32% increase in one-off donations YoY. Paid media activity saw a 263% improvement in ROI and a 34% improvement in average gift. A halo effect was observed across UNICEF’s Global Parent monthly donation product, which experienced a 245% increase in the number of Global Parents achieved YoY.

Our strategic focus on the mid funnel following the Binet & Field planning model had both a short- and long-term effect with 51% of the target audience saying they were more likely to donate to UNICEF after viewing BVOD content.

  • 32%

    Increase in one-off donations YoY

  • 34%

    Improvement in average gift

  • 263%

    Improvement in ROI

We gave the team a difficult task to raise awareness, consideration and ultimately donations. In a market that is increasingly concerned with domestic issues over international, the groundswell of support we were able to efficiently drive through our media campaign was immense. Alana Richardson, Digital Marketing Manager

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