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Making new connections with Paddington Postcards

With the UK charity sector increasingly investigating new models of fundraising, Unicef UK  developed a new subscription product called Paddington’s Postcards. Working with The Copyrights Group to use the Paddington character, the famous bear sent a monthly postcard to subscribers’ children, updating them about which part of the world he was learning about that month and the work Unicef do to help children in that country.

Our brief was to recommend a channel plan to test this new product and prove its viability by delivering a CPA in with the BAU benchmarks for Regular Gift acquisition.

What we did

Given the low-entry level access cost and potential to scale, we used paid social to target parents in their ‘personal media’ browsing downtime, when they are wearing many hats (parent, fan, colleague etc), to inspire a new activity to share with their children. This also allowed us to trial additional audiences and test connections with new demographics.

What we did

We used Facebook as our chosen platform, trialling different calls to action with video, static and carousel creative formats based on engagement. As the campaign matured, we added imagery and testimonials of supporters enjoying the postcards as a family, creating social proofing for the concept to nudge further engagement.

What we did

We used Unicef’s channels and utilised our corporate partnership with The Copyrights Group to use Paddington’s owned platforms to drive deeper engagement of social posts which was then amplified by paid media.

We smashed our target CPA objective. The campaign delivered a CPA 80% lower than the Business-As-Usual benchmark for Regular Giving, resulting in a positive ROI from the campaign. Even the poorest performing creative delivered an ROI twice as effective as benchmark BAU ROI and the best performing creatives delivering over eight times that.

Thanks to initial success, the initiative received two more rounds of additional funding, particularly impressive after just four months since product launch, and we are now looking to expand the programme beyond social into other response channels in 2020.

  • 80%

    Lower CPA vs benchmark

  • 8X

    Benchmark ROI

We are over the moon with our Paddington's Postcard campaign. It is a really interesting subscription offering that is opening up new income opportunities, whilst helping bring the world and Unicef's work to life for children and parents in the UK. The low CPA shows what can be achieved when you create a product that really aligns with an audience, alongside The Kite Factory's great planning, buying and optimisation during the campaign. Holly Roberts, Direct Marketing Manager

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