Breaking the mould for Legacy giving  

Gifts in wills raised £3.2 billion in the last year, and for many leading charities is the single biggest contributor of income. With a few notable exceptions, existing Legacy communications across the sector focus on similar themes, creating an opportunity for WaterAid to disrupt. 

We needed to help WaterAid engage a broader (and colder) audience in the value of Legacy giving and drive Legacy consideration with UK audiences that don’t feel as close to overseas development charities and their work as those closer to home. To do this, we identified a brand film as the best medium to create the emotional impact required and a different approach for the Legacy sector.  

Awards for WaterAid

The Silver Marketing Awards: Winner for Best TV Campaign
The Drum Awards for Digital Industries: Shortlisted for Not-for-profit
The Drum Awards for Social Media: Shortlisted for Not-for-profit/Charity
The Drum Awards for Social Purpose: Shortlisted for Best Content Marketing Campaign

What we did

Partner agency Don’t Panic created a powerfully emotional film called ‘What Jack Gave’ to break down the well-known barriers to Legacy and our mission was to make it famous.

What we did

To drive a cost-efficient reach and ad engagement that we could track, we activated campaigns on Facebook and Twitter, delivering ads to an older demographic who engage with a browsing mindset.

What we did

We targeted key WaterAid personas to reach users who would be most engaged and likely consider a gift in their will for WaterAid. We also built warm segments through retargeting and lookalikes.

What we did

As part of our multi-channel strategy, we went live on YouTube to drive video views across users engaging with and searching for Legacy content. TV also helped us in reaching an over-50 audience.

What we did

The campaign evolved with a quiz mechanic taking the content further, encouraging engagement in education to fuel the desired consideration. Facebook and Twitter were again utilised to drive people to the quiz.

The campaign successfully increased WaterAid’s legacy considerations score, becoming the top overseas development charity for legacy consideration in April 2022. Beyond this, lead gen cost-per-acquisition improved by 11% and leads grew 134% on a previous burst of activity. 


  • #1

    Overseas development charity for legacy consideration

  • 11%

    Increase in lead gen CPA

  • 134%

    Growth in leads

We’ve been thrilled with the reaction to What Jack Gave. We were trying to do something original and different in the Legacy marketing space, and from the results, we saw, plus the feedback we received from supporters and even other charities across all causal areas, we really succeeded with What Jack Gave.

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