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Changing the perception of International Aid with Aid Alliance

Traditional charitable audiences are beginning to lose faith in international aid and after seeing the same advertising requesting donations for the past 20 years, they have become blind to them.

The Aid Alliance is a nationwide brand campaign to raise awareness of the importance and impact of aid. Our mission was to reach this cynical audience with a fresh approach to communicate that international aid is helping and their support is making a difference.

What we did

We profiled the ‘Conscientious Cynics’ audience and targeted them across Facebook and YouTube with the goal of video views to ensure the message was watched by as many people as possible.

We ran brand tracking along-side the activity on each platform to assess the campaign’s impact on people’s perceptions of international aid.

The campaign delivered completed video views 300% above target. Our efficient media buying also lead to an over delivery of impressions by 11%.

The brand metrics also saw positive results, with Facebook ad recall showing 7pts of lift (well above the 2.5 benchmark for the category).

We also saw 3pts of lift for our message agreement questions, indicating that the campaign was effective at changing people’s perceptions of international aid for the positive.

  • 300%

    Above target on video views

  • 7 pt

    Lift in ad recall

  • 11%

    Over delivery of impressions

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