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Helping White Claw claim the UK hard-seltzer crown

The summer of 2021 saw a new category boom in the UKHard Seltzers.Havinghad monumental success in the US, White Claw was launching in the UK with the same aspiration.  Only this time, it wasn’t just a product launch, but also a category launch with over 200 entrants to market to compete with. 

Joined by a competitive market, hard seltzer’s aren’t a concept the Brits are familiar with. We needed to cut through and successfully launch White Claw in the UK with the objectives of building awareness and driving value share. Importantly, we needed to achieve this whilst balancing the unique look and feel of White Claw’s brand identity – a lifestyle brand aligned to culture, not just a typical alcoholic beverage.  

Awards for White Claw

The Drum OOH Awards: Multi-channel Strategy
The Drum OOH Awards: Shortlisted for Best Interconnected OOH formats

What we did

As a refreshing low-calorie beverage, White Claw is the perfect drink to own the summer socials. Using segment insight to understand what our audiences return to socialising could look like post-pandemic, we knew parks would be a key entry point for the brand. We set out to own parks in key opinion-forming neighbourhoods in London and Manchester.

What we did

OOH was the perfect medium to lead this initiative, giving us status and scale. We could then use geo-located digital targeting to serve additional messages and funnel the public towards places where they could get a can in their hand to encourage trial, closing the loop on awareness and ‘can in hand’ trial.

What we did

This campaign used a range of OOH formats, from murals and wraparounds to station takeovers, to simple roadside 6 sheets, to create interconnected awareness, that made this campaign unmissable and highly successful.

The campaign was a huge success to launch White Claw in the UK. The use of OOH helped makeWhite Claw an iconic part of Summer 2021 in key neighbourhoods across London and Manchester.We drove 56% uplift in awareness in Londonas a result of our summer activity, making us the UK’s #1 hard seltzer brand with 41% value share. 

  • 56%

    Uplift in awareness

  • 41%

    Value share

White Claw have very big objectives for the UK, and we made waves across Summer 2021, working with The Kite Factory and our other key partners, to activate an engaging launch campaign that saw us become the UK’s #1 hard seltzer brand. OOH was a key part of our activity, giving us status and scale in key neighbourhoods, and hard-working activation around parks, that has been a big catalyst for success Michael Dean, Head of Marketing, White Claw 

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