Bird's Eye View

Black History Month: The Art of Appreciation

By Hannah Samuels, New Business Manager

As we approach the end of this year’s Black History Month at The Kite Factory, we believe it is important to appreciate all communities using positive actions and not just words. So, read on for our first annual “Wrap Up Review” of Black History Month, including agents of change within the black community, charities and companies to support and flavoursome activities that you can participate in to demonstrate your proactivity.

Many charities and companies dedicate themselves to supporting the black community in growing the reach into underrepresented industries and expanding knowledge of the people who contribute to our modern-day society. Here are a few that you can donate to or support:

Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation: Stephen Lawrence was a young black man who was killed in an unprovoked racial attack in 1993, and, due to institutional racism, justice was only brought in 2011. Since then, Stephen’s family have started a foundation dedicated to three causes:

  • Classrooms – Inspire children to dream freely without barriers and to realise the absolute importance of education to attaining those dreams.
  • Communities – To support and create new connections within all types of communities.
  • Careers – To give marginalised young people access to jobs in the world’s leading companies and organisations. To donate, click here.

Anthony Nolan: This organisation saves and improves the lives of everyone affected by blood cancer and blood disorders. Anthony Nolan urgently needs more people from minority ethnic backgrounds to sign up as stem cell donors. Currently, patients who are White Caucasian have a 72% chance of finding the best match from an unrelated donor. This further drops to a 37% chance for patients from minority ethnic backgrounds. Support the organisation by joining the stem cell donation here.

#Merky Books: #Merky Books is a publishing service launched in 2018 by rapper Stormzy and Penguin Publishing House. With the clear objective to publish books that will own – and change – the mainstream. They do this by housing unconventional and diverse voices to create an inclusive space in the publishing industry. Authors include award-winning Malorie Blackman, Noughts and Crosses, and many other page-turners can be found here.

Looking for some cool events to attend which celebrate the Black British space? We’ve got you covered.

Media owners such as Guap Magazine have provided many upcoming events to celebrate black creatives who otherwise would go unnoticed in yesterday’s society. Additionally, their many events provide a space for black creatives to share their work in a safe space without fear of rejection and appropriation. See what upcoming events they are hosting or collaborating with here.

It’s not a secret that Afro-Caribbean communities have changed the taste of Britain, literally. So, if you want to try some traditional cuisines, buy some new garms or support black-owned businesses, we suggest exploring Black Eats LDN, the first and only black-owned restaurant and events directory.

It wouldn’t be a wrap-up if we didn’t suggest some entertainment to delve into without the mention of “black pain”. So here is some entertainment to enjoy because black people make history every day.

  • Beyonce: Renaissance album. Beyonce’s album is not only an Ode to house music but the ballroom culture created by Black Queers. Vogue your way through her album because it’s about to get “Heated”.
  • Netflix: Entergalactic. A modern, animated tale of Black Love between an artist and a comic book creator, including the likes of Kid Cudi, Jaden Smith, and Timothee Chalamet.
  • Museum of London: Grime Stories. The Museum of London is spotlighting the people and places across East London that shaped grime from then to the present day. This exhibition is free entry until 4th December.
  • Diary of a CEO: Looking for some daily motivation? Dragon’s Den Steven Bartlett hosts a range of inspirational business owners and leaders to help us navigate this thing called life. Explore his channel here.