Consumer report: The Lockdown subscriber

Last summer we hosted an event bringing together some of the biggest brands in the subscription space to discuss our white paper, Solving Subscriptions.  Since then, subscription products and services have continued to see exponential growth and as such, we have helped a number of clients launch and scale subscription products of their own.

In the past six months lockdown has fuelled a booming subscription economy in the UK. In July 2020, spending on digital and subscription services was up 40% year on year (Barclaycard Payments), with one in ten retailers launching their first sign-up service during the national lockdown and a fifth looking to launch a new service as the lockdown eased over the summer.

Whether you are a seasoned subscription business or looking to launch your first foray in to the subscription market, we want to help brands crack acquisition and solve the challenge of churn. We polled a nationally representative panel of 2,141 consumers across Great Britain to dive deeper into the lockdown subscriber and find out who they are, what they’re subscribing to and how likely they are to continue.

This report is designed to guide you on the key audiences to avoid and others to prioritise in your subscription acquisition mission.

Whitepaper Report

Solving Subscriptions