Event: Exploring Advertising’s Forgotten Generations

Last week we welcomed a mix of familiar and fresh faces to mark the launch of our latest whitepaper, “Older, wiser, richer and disengage – exploring advertising’s forgotten generations”.

Taking place at The Trampery in Old Street (see what we did there?), our TKF specialists were joined by the brilliant System 1, the Silver Marketing Association, Space City to delve into the untapped potential of the Over 50s, unpack the findings from our latest whitepaper on how and where to reach them while building trust on their terms across media and creative.

Catch up on all the sessions from the action-packed morning below.

Older, wiser, richer, and disengaged: Exploring advertisings forgotten generations, with Christian Taylor, Head of Planning, The Kite Factory

The Over 50’s should be an advertiser’s dream, so why aren’t they? To set the scene for the morning’s events, Christian dives deep into this topic, presenting the key findings from our new whitepaper and why this audience is an untapped opportunity for marketers.

Wise up to TV! With Andrew Tindall, UK Creative & Media Partnership Director, System 1

Andrew discusses insights from a new report created jointly by ITV and System 1, highlighting how brands can effectively connect with the older generation. Showcasing ads that appeal to the over 55s, Andrew explores the key themes that make those ads effective, revealing why better representation of older people in ads is a vital commercial goal.

Reframing the audience, with Rik Moore, Managing Partner of Strategy, The Kite Factory

Rik shares his inside tips and tricks to help reframe older audiences for our planners at the agency, along with data on changing media consumption that helps inform our planning. He brings this to life with our award-winning case study to showcase how WaterAid combined creative and media to break category norms around Legacy giving to reframe their ask.

The State of The Ageing Nation, with  Debbie Marshall, Managing Director, Silver Marketing Association

With an ageing population, how will our world adapt and evolve accordingly? What are the conversations being had and topics explored to address this? In her session, Debbie explores the key issues and highlights interesting projects that will shape how we engage with older audiences.

Talking Tactfully: A creative agency view on engaging older consumers, with Amii Van Dunn, CEO, Space City

With the Over 50’s audience proving to be a huge marketing opportunity, what can you say to them that is credible, relevant and interesting? Amii Van Dunn shares the dos and don’ts when trying to appeal to this audience creatively, illustrated with best practice examples.

The Good Place-ment: How media agencies can engage this forgotten audience, with Gabby Krite, Head of Digital Operations and Victoria Drewett, AV Director, The Kite Factory

Media is at its best when it is creative. Considering your media’s behaviour, moment, and placement is crucial to enrich your campaign creative and connect with consumers. Digital and AV specialists Gabby and Victoria team up to examine how this audience can be engaged across these critical channels.

To download the whitepaper click here, or for more information on how The Kite Factory can help you to integrate these insights into your future marketing strategies, please contact our Head of Planning, Christian Taylor.