How to find growth in the Regular Giving model

Charitable giving has taken a huge hit over the last few years as our world continues in its current state of flux. The overall downward trend in the UK is now firmly established, with just 53% of people surveyed by YouGov donating to charity in 2021, compared to 62% five years ago. One of the types of charitable giving that have seen the greatest impact is regular giving.

Despite changes in charitable giving behaviours, regular giving remains the most popular way to give in the UK, with 3 in 10 people regularly giving to charity with an average gift of £52[1] per year. It’s a substantial share of the individual giving market and can be relied upon to deliver the strongest supporter lifetime value. Such a significant and dependable income stream remains critical as we face increasing uncertainty and recession looms.

Read on for our latest insight report using data from YouGov, exploring the remaining headroom for regular giving donations and how charities can win a share of them.


[1] CAF Giving Report 2022, p15