Solving Subscriptions

Event: Solving Subscriptions

The sustainable financial performance often delivered by stickier customer relationships has seen a boom in e-commerce subscription and direct to consumer brands. But what can new entrants in this space learn from established subscription experts like publishers and charities? And as importantly, where are the traditional models now falling short as new entrants step up the innovation? Earlier this year we conducted a piece of consumer research into the growing role played by subscriptions in our lives, and people’s attitudes towards this increasingly popular business model.

On 4 July 2019, 600 feet in the sky with panoramic views of London, we discussed the dynamics and considerations of this disruptive space, learnt about the psychology of emotion and attentional relevance and explored where the traditional models fall short as new entrants step up the innovation. You can watch the speaker presentations from the day below:

Solving subscriptions: Who, What, Why?
Rik Moore, Head of Insight, Planning & Strategy, The Kite Factory

Showcasing the findings of our latest whitepaper, Rik presents a bird’s eye view of today’s evolving subscription landscape, where brands are missing a trick and the disruption behaviours needed to succeed.

Building a successful subscription brand
Panel discussion with subscription experts moderated by Nicky Kemp, Managing Editor, Creative Brief 

We heard from our panel of marketing leaders as they shared their views on what makes a successful subscription brand, as well as learnings in adopting subscription behaviours into their business.

The panel discussion included the following subscription experts:

  • Sarah Wilkinson – Marketing Director, Birchbox
  • Luis Lacerda – Director of Marketing, HelloFresh
  • Gregor Angus – Co-Founder & CEO, True Royalty TV (ABM Communications)
  • James Burton-Lee – Head of Customer Acquisition, David Lloyd Leisure

Getting personal: Why personalisation is pivotal
Dr Sarah Faust, Insight Manager, The Kite Factory

Sarah explored the most important pillar in the subscription model and how being smarter with customer data can not only surpass customer expectation for an instant enriched experience, but also identify opportunities for deeper, long term relationships.

The future subs business model:
Live podcast with Co-Founders of Wax/On, Ben Hooper & Mark Runacus

Mark and Ben are joined on stage for a live recording of their fortnightly advertising podcast Wax Lyrical, by Fiona Spooner, Global Marketing Director at the FT and Tom Ollerton, CEO of Automated Creative and Presenter of the Shiny New Object podcast, to discuss how the subscriptions business model will evolve.

How to survive the Unsubscribe: Finding & keeping your most valuable subscribers
Dr Simon Moore, Chartered Business & Consumer Psychologist and CEO of Innovationbubble

Failure of understanding your customer is a common acquisition fail. Dr Simon Moore explores how brands need to revisit the journey we’re asking customers to take, key interactions and potential ‘nudges’.

Changing the ask in modern-day publishing
Richard Furness, Managing Director of Consumer Revenues at The Guardian

Rik Moore spoke to Richard Furness, Managing Director of Consumer Revenues at The Guardian about the publisher’s commercial relationship with their readers, the true value of their content and how they successfully avoided the paywall strategy.

For more information on the topics covered, or to learn more about how The Kite Factory can help you navigate the subscriptions landscape to drive growth, please contact us.

Solving subscriptions

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