Birds eye view

The history of automation in paid search

By Jodie Brookton, Digital Account Director

Automation means we don’t need to press all the buttons that we used to. Long gone are the days when paid search teams needed to spend all day every day in accounts, making slight adjustments to a keyword’s max CPC based on historical data signals. Instead, we can now automate bidding using Google’s machine learning, which is much needed in a world where there are 8.5 billion searches per day. Not only is that a huge number of opportunities to appear in the search engine results for brands, 90% of people only use the first page of Google, so it’s never been more important to have a strong search strategy.

Automation is a powerful tool to supercharge your paid search campaigns and it is important to use these tools to your advantage rather than trying to do everything. In the following article, we dissect the history of automation in Google ads since its launch in 2002 and how it has evolved to what we currently have.

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