David Lloyd

Maximising enquires for David Lloyd through Quantcast prospecting campaign  

David Lloyd’s Programmatic Display activity with Quantcast encountered some initial hurdles in early 2022. The campaign faced a dual challenge: a low volume of enquiries and a high cost per acquisition (CPA), both of which threatened its efficiency and return on investment (ROI). Given the proven effectiveness of display advertising from Media Mix Modelling, maintaining the success of this key channel was imperative. 

What we did

Using Quantcast Pixel Tagging, we placed a Q pixel on David Lloyd’s web pages to effectively track user behaviour and interactions with the website.

What we did

​Through the data collected via pixel tagging, Quantcast developed a custom audience model based on site visitors. This enabled a deeper understanding of unique characteristics of converting users and identified various pathways to conversion on the website.​

What we did

Using this audience data, we then targeted a lookalike audience, thereby expanding the reach to similar prospects. This iterative process of monitoring, analysing, and optimising allowed us to maximise effectiveness and efficiency.​

Over the course of the campaign from 2022 to 2023, we witnessed a notable 134% increase in enquiry volumes. Additionally, there was an 11% rise in CTR, indicative of improved engagement. Most significantly, the CPA saw a substantial decline, dropping by 35% with the introduction of programmatic activity through Quantcast. 

  • 134%

    Increase in enquiry volumes

  • 11%

    Rise in CTR

  • 35%

    Decline in CPA

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