David Lloyd Leisure

Unearthing customer insights to increase quality enquiries using media mix modelling

With major events and seasonality effecting sport club’s membership enquires, David Lloyd, the UK’s leading premium leisure facility, needed our help to analysis and use their marketing more effectively to entice a high volume of quality leads.

What we did

Instead of measuring enquiries across their clubs nationally and aggregating data from all clubs into one single measurement, we recommended a different approach, focusing on one very vital attribute – the club itself.

We created 99 different models, one for each club, unpicking enquiries at the most granular level, understanding how much each channel and each non media factor had contributed to weekly enquiries. This produced a ‘by-club insight’ into David Lloyd’s media effectiveness, breaking down enquiry levels to measure the overall impact of each media channel.

What we did

We also aggregated the results to create a national view of enquiries, as well as channel ‘league tables’, so that David Lloyd could understand which clubs responded best to each channel.

We used these models to assess whether channels were operating within diminishing returns and recommend optimal weekly spend to generate high levels of cost-effective enquiries.

Finally, we made the models even more powerful by creating a simple planning tool, so that both client and agency teams could assess the potential impacts across different budget scenarios, which lead to an incremental 100,000 enquiries, a rise of 28% YoY, proving our model is definitely as fit and healthy as any David Lloyd club member!

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