Achieving engagement with tennis during the winter

The aim of our campaign with LTA was to get users to engage with tennis content throughout December, a time of year when the weather can be prohibitive to outdoor activities. We knew that it was important to create an ongoing engagement strategy to keep the brand front of mind.

What we did

The messaging gave users the chance to win prizes by taking photos of themselves on the court and posting them on social media. To encourage interactions, we contextualised creative to the individual with weather and geographic syncing technology.

What we did

This allowed us to deliver dynamic creatives on social which changed according to the weather in each region. Creating this relevancy to the user allowed us to deliver the right motivational message to the right people.

The results of the campaign saw a drive a view through rate of 22%, which was 400% higher than non-tailored control creatives. We also saw the cost per view 90% lower than non-tailored creative previously used. 

  • 22%

    Drive through rate

  • 90%

    Lower cost per view

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