Leigh day

Driving engagement and leads through relevant messaging

Leigh Day’s latest compensation claim entailed targeting a highly specific group of Bolt drivers. The challenge was to develop effective creatives that would successfully attract and engage this specific audience.

What we did

To appeal to our target audience of Bolt drivers, we conducted a thorough analysis of Bolt’s existing advertisements, marketing materials, and user interface to establish a bank of concepts that effectively conveyed the Bolt brand.

What we did

We then utilised mimicry by copying the style and aesthetic of Bolt’s marketing materials to create a highly recognisable and memorable image for viewers.

This project has proven extremely successful, demonstrating remarkable achievements across all key metrics.

We saw a surge in engagement, marked by a staggering 131% increase in sign-ups, coupled with a significant reduction in CPA, while the campaign’s CTR also saw a substantial boost with an 85% increase.

  • 85%

    Increase in CTR

  • 81%

    Decrease in CPA

  • 131%

    Increase in sign ups

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