Crafting social assets that fuse distinctive branding

Maggie’s sought us to create social assets that harmonised seamlessly with the visual identity of their Gran Fondo’s assets while also infusing a more pronounced reflection of their own distinctive branding. The creatives also needed to be aimed at three audiences: occasional, causal and corporate cyclists.

What we did

We initiated the creative process by adopting the Grand Fondo’s assets as a foundation, leveraging them to establish a cohesive visual identity with the Grand Fondo’s existing materials. We then changed the colour scheme they used to align with Maggie’s colour scheme.

What we did

To enhance the connection with the audience, we used images of cyclists that resonated with each creative’s target audience. Additionally, the cyclists were all wearing Maggie’s jerseys, further strengthening the visual association with Maggie’s.

Our innovative, creative efforts merged two unique brand creatives, building six creatives, all aimed at slightly different target audiences. In this campaign, we surpassed planned expectations, achieving an impressive combined CTR of 0.47%.

  • 0.47%

    Combined CTR

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