Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund

A journey beyond the click

The focal point of the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund’s campaign revolves around leading users to a designated web form, where they are prompted to provide their name and phone number in exchange for an exclusive complimentary pin badge.

Our challenges were twofold: effectively highlighting the pin badge within the creative content and underlining the key message that engaging with the advertisement could be effortlessly obtained for free.

What we did

To enhance the appeal of the slideshow, we strategically edited each image to position the stickers uniformly. When animated, this technique resulted in a smooth merge-like transition between images, creating a visually engaging effect.

What we did

For added impact, we incorporated bold colours found in the RAF logo in the final frames that oppose the earlier images. This simple yet effective choice attracted attention and drew viewers’ focus to the creative.

What we did

Our approach extended to the call-to-action button. By adding a pulsating animation resembling a heartbeat to the “Request now” button, we aimed to create a subtle sense of urgency, encouraging viewers to click on the ad.

Our creative versioning efforts saw brilliant performance for these ads, with a combined CTR of 0.13% over 2 million impressions.


  • 0.13%

    Combined CTR

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