Evolving content style for enhanced impact

WaterAid had long relied on a uniform content style featuring rounded boxes that encompassed images and text in their display ads. However, the efficacy of this template gradually waned as creative fatigue set in.

Our goal was to encourage the exploration of novel creative strategies that would vividly resonate with their mission’s core and captivate their target audiences.

What we did

We reimagined WaterAid’s display ads, ensuring alignment with the organisation’s values and objectives.

What we did

To showcase the captivating power of WaterAid’s imagery, we explored its fullest potential and maintained a nod to familiarity, acknowledging the established rounded box aesthetic. This brought depth and modernity by retaining this element and introducing a 3D dimension.

What we did

Additionally, we animated the text box to emerge from behind subjects’ faces, strategically placing text to emphasise emotions and stories. This approach aimed to create a more compelling and immersive narrative.

We initiated an A/B test for the ad, and over time, the performance of the ads began to soar, having the highest CTR coupled with the lowest CPA. This encouraging trend underscores the success of our creative refresh.

These outcomes affirm that the newly adopted creative style is effectively boosting engagement. We intend to apply this updated template style to historically successful ad creatives as our next step.

Our work

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