Capitalising on creative production for Ukraine Legacy

UNICEF’s Legacy campaign was experiencing under performance from its BAU lead gen ads due to creative fatigue. To understand if aligning their ads with something current would resonate more with their legacy audience, and therefore be more effective in driving leads, we launched a test campaign aligning their legacy messaging with the Ukraine crisis to develop a sense of urgency and relevancy.


What we did

Through our in-house team Kite Studio, we designed and created ads aligning the copy and creative with Ukraine, whilst using UNICEF brand guidelines to ensure the look and feel was seamless and resonated with the targeted audiences.

What we did

Working in-house allowed us to develop the ads in a matter of days to make sure we were capitalising on the increased interested surrounding Ukraine during that time.

We received over 250% more leads compared to previous BAU ads for the same period, demonstrating people’s resonance to the message. We also cut CPL by over 50% on the static format ads, and the animated versions by nearly 40%, delivering significant efficiency across the campaign.

  • 250%

    More leads

  • 50%+

    Cut in CPL on static ads

  • 40%

    Cut in CPL on motion ads

Our work

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