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Our premium partnerships give us access to resources that help us stay smart with our planning and aim higher with your results. We harness our relationships with platform representatives to help us deliver sophisticated strategies, access exciting beta tests, and keep up to date on the latest training courses available.

We are Facebook Blueprint certified, which means we know how to create best practise campaigns that play to the platform’s strengths. Combining a test-and-learn approach with the rich data available, we often use the platform to test hypotheses and product viability, which informs wider marketing strategies based on data rather than theory.

We also understand the limitations of each platform and work with our trusted ted tech partners to fill the gaps in target audience data, synchronising with external signals such as weather, multi-variant creative testing and dynamic creative.

Measuring performance

Our FlightDeck™ business intelligence platform provides daily social data accessible 24/7, giving you an instant overview of both your campaign performance and brand health.​

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