Mad//Fest 2023: Trailblazing the White Claw Hype for a UK Audience

Back in July, The Kite Factory’s Head of Client Services, Anthony Abou-Zeid and White Claw’s Marketing Director, Michael Dean, took to the stage at Mad//Fest 2023 to share the success story of White Claw and how our partnership took the new brand from unknown to unstoppable. 

Rewind a couple of years to lockdown 2020, we saw a new category boom in the UK – Hard Seltzers. Experiencing monumental success in the US, White Claw had the same aspirations for the UK market, but how do you launch a new product, in a new category, in a new country when no one knows who you are, what you are and why you exist while living in the middle of a global pandemic?  

Catch up on their Mad//Fest debut below to hear the journey of how we successfully won the hearts and minds of UK consumers, resulting in  White Claw claiming the UK hard-seltzer crown