Unlocking the high-value heartland of legacy givers

Over the past thirty years, the legacy market has grown substantially, increasing threefold in size. Current forecasts predict that the market will continue to grow, doubling in size over the next 30 years. To capitalise on this growth, it’s critical that fundraisers understand their legacy audience, but does everybody give in their will in equal measure?

Recent research undertaken by Smee & Ford and Freestyle Marketing has uncovered a core group of high-value legacy donors, with £1.5 billion legacy donations being left by just 6,000 people in 2020.

But how many like them are there in the UK, and how might we reach them and encourage them to leave a legacy in the future? Our latest whitepaper explores exactly how charities can identify and reach this high value audience and futureproof their legacy giving strategies.

On 9 February, TKF Senior Strategist Will Richardson and Head of Business Management Caroline Dolan were joined by Freestyle Marketing Founder Allan Freeman and BHF’s Legacy Marketing Manager, Emily East, to discuss the findings of the paper and actionable insights that charities can apply to futureproof their legacy fundraising strategies.




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