Monthly Archives: October 2023


My Working Day with Managing Director James Smith

MD James Smith joins Business Leader to share an insight into how he effectively manages his daily work routine.


Navigating peak periods of the year with a Prioritisation Framework 

Senior Digital Account Director Simi Gill highlights the importance of prioritising campaigns efficiently during crucial seasonal times.


The Kite Factory expands strategy team

After 12+ years working with us client-side, we’re delighted to welcome Helen Radia to The Kite Factory team!


How can we balance sustainability with performance across our media buying?

Senior Digital Account Manager Naomi Linturn explores where improvements can be made across our media buying.


The Kite Factory picks up Ricola UK media brief

Following impressive worldwide growth, we’re thrilled to be partnering with Ricola!


The complexity of balancing social responsibility with digital marketing goals

Head of Digital Operations Gabby Krite explores the complexity of balancing social responsibility with marketing goals.