Monthly Archives: August 2022


A day with.. Camilla Hay, Senior Digital Account Executive

For this month’s day in the life, Camilla shares what her typical day looks like working as part of the Digital Team at TKF.


Navigating your charity through a low trust society

As the world navigates a period lower trust, Strategy Director, Charley Day shares her guide on increasing trust in the third sector.


Five ways brands can thrive in the age of Search automation​

Actionable insights and our top tips on embracing and utilising Search automation to your advantage.


A conversation on Cookies with Accord Marketing

In this episode we are joined by Dan Ward, Head of Performance at partner agency Accord Marketing to discuss all-things cookies.


Why your digital creative is costing you conversions

MP for Digital Ben Foster shares an insight into TKF’s Kite Studio and the key three areas to look at when an assets framework.


Making Market Segmentation Accessible

An overview of our lightweight, robust, and customizable segmentation solution to empower your marketing decisions.


Why it’s the best time to be a media/TV planner

Head of Broadcast Gregor Chalmers on why now is the best time to be a TV planner with New Digital Age.


Why will TikTok be the most important digital marketing platform in two years time?

We hear from the winners of the digital departments recent debate, on why they believe TikTok is the most important digital media platform.