Monthly Archives: April 2023


TKF named as one of Campaign’s Best Places to Work

We’re proud to be recognised as one of Campaigns Best Places to Work!


TikTok Search ads: how can brands ready themselves for what may come?

Digital Account Director Mohini shares her thoughts on TikTok Search and what this means for advertisers.


What is greenwashing, and how do you avoid it?

Digital Account Manager Naomi shares what greenwashing is and how brands can avoid it.


A day with… Rochelle Morgan-Smith, People Assistant

For this month’s day in the life, Rochelle shares an insight into her typical day as our People Assistant at TKF.


Will personalisation feel the greatest impact from AI in the digital marketing world?

In this episode TKF’s digital gurus unpack by personalisation will feel the greatest impact from AI in the digital marketing world.,


The Kite Factory appoints new business and marketing lead

We’re thrilled to announce the appointment of long-term consultant Emily Underhill to the role of Head of Marketing & New Business.


What charities can learn from commercial brands

Head of Digital Operations Gabby Krite identifies key points that charities can learn from commercial brands.


Factory Settings: Practising resilience in the workplace 

In our latest Factory Settings instalment, Digital Account Manager Ellen Stratham highlights the importance of practising resilience in your career.


Why programmatic buying isn’t the end for traditional advertising methods

MP for Digital Ben Foster looks at programmatic buying and why it could be interesting for the right brief.


NFP vs commercial brands…or not?

Head of Digital Operations Gabby Krite shares why NFPs and commercial brands are more similar than you think.


Can Thoughtful Marketing cut through in a world of personalised marketing?

Senior Digital Account Manager Emily Shaw shares where Thoughtful Marketing fits in a world were personalisation is becoming crucial.