Monthly Archives: December 2022


Spotify Wrapped: a genius marketing campaign

Digital Account Manager Naomi Linturn explores Spotify’s genius annual marketing campaign, as it reaps the glory of being the talk of the town.


Factory Setting: Expanding your career from single to multispecialism

In the next instalment of Factory Settings, Digital Account Manager Naomi Linturn looks at how to expand your career from single to multispecialism.


The state of data privacy in the UK

This week, Head of Digital Operations Gabby Krite shares what data privacy currently looks like in the UK.


I guess now it’s time: The importance of age in 2023

Rik chats to Campaign about why the over-60s are becoming just as important to brands as Gen Z.


The history of automation in paid search

This week, Digital Account Director Jodie Brookton takes a look back at the history of automation in Google ads since its launch in 2002.