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How to measure the ‘messy middle’

Data and Insight Director John Clarvis, identifies five key measurable stages in the mid-funnel.


Cookieless series: #2 Shifting from pragmatism to proactivity

Digital Account Director Mo shares an update on Google’s timings and why brands must avoid the overreliance on cookies to avoid long term impact.


Five opportunities created by the revolution in measurement

MP for Digital Ben Foster shares the key opportunities created by the revolution in measurement.


Event: The New Era of Measurement

Catch up on the highlights and the keynote presentations from our event on the new era of measurement.


Don’t click on this article

Today, on National Anti-Click-Through Rate Day, Senior Digital Account Executive Maria Tudor shares why CTR isn’t a measure for campaign effectiveness, as featured in IAB UK.


Is anyone paying attention to a word you’re saying?

Actionable insights from Lumen Research’s latest report on measuring consumer attention.