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A day with.. Liz Whitworth, AV Investment Executive

For this month’s day in the life, Liz shares what her typical day looks like working as part of the AV team at TKF.


A day with.. Naomi Linturn, Digital Account Manager

After a recent promotion, Naomi shares her typical day as a Digital Account Manager at TKF.


Is Google Analytics 4 privacy compliant?

Digital Account Director Simi Gill takes a look at Google Analytics 4 and the key features ensuring data privacy.


A day with.. Jonathan Blake, AV Investment Executive

JB shares his typical day as an AV Investment Executive at TKF.


A day with.. Jonny Olive, Senior Client Account Executive

Jonny shares his typical day as Senior Client Account Executive at TKF.


A day with.. Jen Ross, Financial Operations Executive

Jen shares her typical day as Financial Operations Executive at TKF.


A day with.. Sarah Faust, Senior Data Scientist

Sarah shares her typical day as Senior Data Scientist at TKF.


A day with.. Patrick Beswick, Digital Planner/Buyer

Patrick shares his typical day as a Digital Planner/Buyer at TKF.